2 IPO is coming soon, know their details

Let me tell you that if you also live in India and want to invest your money in the Indian stock market and want to make a good profit, you will want to invest your money in a new procedure, let’s tell you that in 2023 many companies of this kind

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Those who will launch their public subscription and tell that the two companies will run commercial subscriptions for their business in the Indian stock market this week.

Let’s tell you that the initial subscriptions were launched on new companies in the Indian Securities Market, and the first company was dharini Capital Service Co. , Ltd.

The person who first appeared in the public subscription in 2023, and on the other hand, Aristo Biotic and Live Science are about to launch the public subscription.

We let us tell you that Dharni Capital Services will launch public subscription on January 19, 2023 and tell us that investors can invest in the company’s shares until January 20.
Let us tell you that the price of his role will be 20 dollars and let us tell you that there will be 6000 shares in one of its prizes, which will start the five procedures above.

We let us tell you that Aristo and Direct Science will be opened on January 16 and will be closed on January 19.
Let us tell you that you can invest your money in this stock before January 19.

The price of its shares will be $ 72 and LOT 1 will contain 1,600 shares at 13.5 rupees and the price of the nominal value of this company is 10 pounds per share.

We let us tell you that this company produces agricultural chemical and food packages.

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