How to start blogging as a career in 2022

Blogging is a good carrier option. Being a professional blogger is a great thing. A professional blogger has a flexible time to work. His own schedule for work. he has his own boss.

start blogging as a career
start blogging as a career

If you want to choose blogging as a career you also your own schedule of work. you become your own boss.

Before opting for blogging as a career you must know these things.

1 Blogging demands writing skill

Writing skills is essential for a professional blogger. If you have deep knowledge about your niche. But your writing skills are poor. so you first need to learn writing skills.

Before starting a blog. Or you can also choose other options such as You can hire a professional writer. Once you are confident about your writing. you can start your blog.

2 Blogging demands patience

Blogging demands patience, dedication, and smart work. Blogging is not an overnight success principle. people want to become a blogger overnight. and they want to earn money from the next day. But it is not possible.

If you want to be a professional blogger. you must keep patience and focus on your work. focus on the growth of your work as a blogger.

3 Blogging demands self discipline of work

When you start blogging as a carrier. you are your own boss. so no one gives you order to do work. And human has nature to become lazy when no one forced him.

But blogging needs the discipline of work. you should make a routine of work. and follow your routine with dedication.

you should spend a minimum of 4 hrs on your blog. and the rest of the time to improve your knowledge and also on your health.

such as you should read the good books that help you to improve your blogging journey. you should go to the gym for your fitness.

Because you need more time to sit tight in front of your computer screen. so fitness is essential for a blogger.

4 Blogging demands consistency

Consistency is the key feature of any work. Blogging is also demanding consistency. without consistency you not build a brand. you can not become a Professional blogger without consistency of writing.

you should fix a consistent time of your new blog post. so your reader aware of your new post. and they expect from you to your new post on a fixed time.

When your blog grows well. then you are already motivated about your blogging. But when your blog not done well. you should also be motivated about your consistent blogging.

Are You Want to Start Blogging as a Carrier. You should follow the 6 Steps Discussed below.

1 Choose a great blog platform.

Most of the bloggers on the internet use WordPress for his blogging platform. I also recommend you to use WordPress as your blogging platform.

Because WordPress is a powerful tool for blogging without coding. If you have not the knowledge of coding. then don worry WordPress should not require knowledge of coding.

you can also use blogger as a platform for your blog. but blogger has fewer customization options than WordPress. but the blogger is free. Blogger is a google product. so At the initial stage, you can use blogger as a platform.

2 Choose a Domain name Best for your blog.

Before starting a blog you should search for a niche It means your blog topic. such as Blogging, Health, and Fitness, Moneymaking, etc

These are the niche for your blog. you select a niche. After niche selection you search for a Domain Name related to your niche. then check the availability of your domain name.

If it is available. you can buy a domain name. so many domain name registrars available in the market. you search for the best domain name registrar in

You can read How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar in 2020

3 Choose the best web hosting for your blog.

Hosting is essential part of your blog. Without hosting blogging is not possible. Hosting means the space where your contant or project data store on internet. When a user want to access you blog. your post url search and reach to your blog.

For good blogging experience you should buy a best hosting plans. some hosting provider are listed below such as:

  • hostinger
  • site ground
  • Bluehost
  • GoDaddy

4 How to Set up a blog on your own domain.

After getting a domain name and hosting you should connect your domain name with your hosting.

after some simple steps you get connected your domain to your hosting. this is a process varies from companies to companies. each company has some different processes to connect domain with hosting.

5 Design your new blog.

After connecting domain with hosting you can install WordPress to your hosting.

Then you install a theme for your blog looking. And you start writing your first blog post.

6 The useful plugin used for blogging.

Before using plugin you should know about the plugin. A plugin is a tool that makes your blogging easy. it means if you want to write an attractive blog post. you must use plugins.

some useful plugin are listed below

easy table of contents

yoast seo

wp forms

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