How to buy a free domain name online in 2022

Hey Friends! In this post i discuss about : How are you buy a free domain name ? How are you register a free domain name for your website? No any money invested for domain name.

There are two type of domain.

Table of Contents

1 TLD Top label domain

2 NON TLD non top label domain.

What is TLD? How you take it free.?

TLD top level domain ie .com, .in, .org, etc. For taking top label domain free you need to invest some money in hosting. When you buy Hosting from some hosting provider. They give you a free top level domain for one years or some time more than one year. But They provide some condition for renewal of the domain. When your domain expire. And you want to renewal it. Some time you need to pay more money. And some time you want to take that domain with other domain provider. But you that domain locked with your previous hosting. So can not take hosting from other hosting provider. So you should not be take a free top level domain.

2. NON TLD non top label domain. ie .tk, .ml etc Other than all top level domain.

Follow steps to get a free domain name.

Open your browser. Type in your browser URL box and press inter. Following screen open.

Then Type Freenom in search bar and google search it.

Click first link Following window appear.

Write your domain name in above box. And click on button Check Availability.

For example : I search my domain name chandankblog in above box and Check Availability. Following result appear.

Results are following. , etc domain name available for free. Chose one of the following and click of right side button Get It Now!

Then enter your email address. And signup with enter your personal details. After signup sign in in your account. go to client area and click on my domain. And you see your domain name available hair. you can manage your domain name and create your website free.

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