SIP broke all records for small cap funds; The broker has selected these 5 funds for you

Data for December is published by the AMFI Mutual Fund Association. If you look at this data, a lot is known. First, investors focus their investments through SIP. SIP implemented over 13,500 cores in December.

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Secondly, the maximum investment comes from small funds. Investor sentiment is positive regarding the performance of the stock market. There was a 4% correction in Nifty in December, however, a jump of more than was recorded in equity fund investments last month. Investor invested in 380 plans in his mutual fund portfolio. This investment figure is 7303 centers. 21947.

The core was taken out of the debt program.
Investors have made the most in small funds in equity fund programs. Rs 2,245 crore has been invested in small cap funds. 26 crore big cap funds have been withdrawn. 1,039 core large-cap funds pulled in November. In a Reuters report, AMFI CEO NS Venkatesh said there had been a good correction for small-cap stocks. This is why investors are so excited about small cap funds that NAV valuations are now proving so attractive.

Sharekhan Brokerage has selected 5 small cap funds for you for the month of January. These are following – 1) Nippon India Small Cap Fund – Growth 2) Edelweiss Small Cap Fund Growth 3) Kotak Small Cap Fund – Growth 4) Tata Small Cap Fund Growth 5) ICICI Prudential Growth.

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