This is called tremendous returns, one lakh rupees became 265000 rupees in 15 days

In the first fifteen days of the year 2023, some stocks have given more than double returns to their investors. Among these, Network People Service Technology 165.12 percent, 3P Land Holdings 116.99 percent and Kool Caps Industries 104 percent were the stocks.

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First of all, share price history of Kool Caps Industries. On Friday, the stock had closed at Rs 501.05, up 6.38 per cent. A week ago it was only Rs 375.35. It has given a return of 33.49 per cent during this period. At the same time, it has registered a growth of 108.95 percent in one month. This stock has jumped more than 188 percent in the last 3 months. Its 52 week high is Rs 478.80 and low is Rs 41.50.

Upi Land Holdings was also ahead in making its investors rich in the new year. This stock has given a return of 32 per cent in a week and 91 per cent in a month, but in the last 15 days it has soared nearly 117 per cent. Its 52 week high is Rs.36.65 and low is Rs.13.

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On the other hand, if we talk about Network People Services Technology, then this stock has registered a jump of about 170 percent in a month. In the last 3 months, it has registered a jump of more than 173 percent. It has jumped 378.68 percent in a year. Although this year in just 15 days this stock has given a return of more than 165 percent. That is, 15 days ago, if someone had invested one lakh rupees in this stock, then his one lakh would have become more than 265000 now.

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