Everything on Toho's New Godzilla Movie - Release Date, Director, Plus More

Japanese film company Toho said a new movie in the Godzilla film franchise will be released next year

The news was announced on the famous character's official Twitter account during the 2022 "Godzilla Day" celebrations.

Godzilla is a huge, destructive, fictional sea monster, or kaiju, empowered by nuclear radiation, that first appeared in the 1954 film Godzilla.

After the first movie, Godzilla became a global pop culture icon,

the beast has since appeared in 32 Toho films and four American remakes,

as well as various video games, television shows and comic books

This will be the 30th live action Godzilla film in the Toho franchise

as three of the 32 total films were animated.

Godzilla is often referred to as "King of the Monsters,"