Threeways and Counter Quickies: The 8 Craziest ‘Next 365 Days’ Sex Scenes

The Next 365 Days is a dazing film.

Similar as the other movies in the 365 Days set of three,

it centers around the rough connection among awful and controlling

the Polish lady he abducted who presently adores him.

Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) begins to scrutinize their relationship in The Next 365 Days

she rises out of a brush with death still horny as all damnation for her Massimo

the lower level hoodlum who was her basic encouragement in 365 Days

What's a young lady to do? Leave her rich, strong, oppressive ex for a delicate surfer brother who needs to give her office?

Thick Brush Stroke

here are the most stunning simulated intercourses in Netflix's The Next 365 Days